Ready to begin designing your new shade structure? So are we!


We’ve got you covered.

We make it easy to get a new awning. Just give us a little info, and we’ll take it from there.

Softek will design your custom awnings for you. Our easy process starts when you share your vision, along with a high resolution photo of your target area. We’ll bring it to life with a custom rendering so you can review how your new shade structure will look when installed – before we begin fabrication.

How does it work?

Just take a photo and answer five quick questions to give us an understanding of your goals for your new shade structure. With this high resolution image, we can calculate the exact measurements required for your project. From there, we develop a rendering based on your unique vision. You’ll see exactly how your custom covering will look, from its size and shape to your fabric selection and custom printing – you’ll even see how the framing looks. Softek designers communicate with you directly, providing clear details about every step of the design and manufacturing process and collaborating on any adjustments or concerns you may have in order to begin fabricating your ideal awnings.

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