Extend your brand to your building exterior with an attention-getting canopy from Softek.

Promote your business to new and existing customers while offering a shaded outdoor space. Not only can people gather together under your branded awning, covered doors and windows will improve energy efficiency by lowering the temperature indoors. Softek specializes in designing, fabricating, and installing new awnings tailored to your exacting brand standards, custom fitted to your unique building exterior. We offer both fabric & metal Awnings

Benefits of a Softek Awning include:

  • Curb Appeal: Make a great first impression and extend your brand with bold awnings
  • Comfort: Encourage window-shopping, and improve guest comfort both inside and outside of your business
  • Efficiency: Lower energy costs of running air conditioning in the hot summer months
  • Asset Protection: Prevent damage to furniture and rugs caused by UV rays
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