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A window covering or canopy attracts attention while creating shade, reducing the impact of harmful UV rays, and helping to manage indoor temperatures. Awnings over windows save energy for your commercial space, protect window frames from precipitation and leaks, and help minimize future maintenance.


Entryway and door coverings allow guests to stay comfortable and protected from the elements by creating a buffer zone as they enter and exit. A doorway awning helps keep entryways clean, protects the building from water, and differentiates your business from its surroundings.

Patios & Decks

Canopies and awnings over patio areas enhance outdoor entertainment, dining, and relaxation space while protecting furnishings as well as the deck itself. Consider retractable awnings, drop screens and curtain-style enclosures, or cabanas when designing your outdoor area.

Pools & Hot Tubs

Retractable awnings, shade sails, or free-standing structures and cabanas are great options for pool and hot tub shading. They create ambiance while contributing to a sense of privacy while reducing glare and exposure to UV rays, so you can provide a relaxing area for residents to soak, swim, or lounge.

Entrance & Walkway Coverings

Entrance and walkway canopies welcome guests while protecting them from inclement weather. These structures assure a safe, dry, and hassle-free route when entering and exiting your building.

Parking Lot Coverings

Parking lot canopies protect vehicles and guests from unpredictable weather conditions. Beyond providing shelter when entering, exiting, or loading a vehicle, parking lot coverings guard against hail damage and help maintain a cool vehicle interior during intense summer days.

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